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During two days you can cycle wonderful historical routes at the Freedom Tour. The cycling tour, where enjoying in a sportive manner is most important, will be in the weekend of 7th and 8th of September. Beside beautiful routes, every day in an other direction, the attendees will pass several Superstops. We promise you a great event, so register now!

The most important practical questions for participants are answered in the ABC below. If the correct information is not listed, please contact us by e-mail:

The Freedom Tour will be on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of September.

The start of the Freedom Tour is at the Lindenberg, in the centre of Nijmegen. The address is Ridderstraat 23, 6511 TM Nijmegen.

The finish is in the centre of Nijmegen, at the WW2 informationcentre near Kelfkensbos.

During the Freedom Tour, you will pass several Superstops. Superstops are most of the time special spots that is worth telling something about it. That’s where something happened during the war or the liberation. We tell you about it live on the spot, or on our special app. At some of the Superstops you can have a coffee or go to the toilets.

Attendees who register early for the Freedom Tour, pay € 7,50. Be that early bird! On our registration page you can see the other costs.

You can register via a safe webpage. Click here to register.

After you applied, you will get an email where we confirm your participation. On tuesday 3. September, we’ll send you an email with all the information you need, including your registration number. On the day of cycling you tell this number to the people at the starting office. After that you’ll get the starting package.

Attendees can choose between two distances: short (±30 km) and long (±45 km). Because of the safety, the limit of attendees will be 1500.
The sooner you apply, the cheaper the costs of applying. Registration is free for grandchildren who cycle with their grandparents. Of course you’ll get a medal after a successfull finish!

A maximum of 1500 attendees can participate at the Freedom Tour.

Everybody is welcome at the Freedom Tour, also when you have a handbike, an e-bike, or tricycle. Please keep this into consideration when you cycle the Freedom Tour.

Near the start you can park your bike at the bicycle storage.

You will get a remembrance medal after finishing the Freedom Tour successfully. .

Because the participants come from all over the country we have selected a number of regional accommodation options:

Camping de Groote Flierenberg
Zevenheuvelenweg 57
Berg & Dal

Hotel Bungalowpark de Zeven Heuvelen
Cranenburgsestraat 23b
6561 AM Groesbeek
Telefoon: 024 – 397 58 41

There is not that much of parking possibilities in the centre of Nijmegen, especially in the weekend. That’s why we advise you to park outside the centre. For example at the Ovatonde, in the north of the city (N325).

You can follow Freedom Tour via social media.

Troubles with your bike? No worries. You can call FietsNED and he’s on his way to you and fixes your bike!

During the Freedom Tour attendees have to follow the traffic rules. Participation is at your own risk and has to be in good shape. In case you doubt, contact the organisation. Besides that, you should have a well functioning bike with a bell. At the start and finish there will be certified First Aiders. At every Superstop there are First Aid-boxes.

In case you want to contact us, here are our contact details.

The term and conditions you can find here.